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Podcast episode 1 – How to time travel film!

Last week I had a chat with the lovely folks from “How to time travel”, a Melbourne based film about heartbreak and, predictably, time travel. It’s in the process of being approved for iTunes, but in the meantime you can check it out here through SoundCloud. Please pass on any feedback you have, and you can buy tickets to the World Premiere of How to Time Travel through their site here.

What’s on in Melbourne 11 – 15 April

Hmm, I might need to slow down on the Comedy if I’m wanting to do regular-ish blog posts. On that note, two very funny blokes you might now have heard of it that are worth checking out are Xander Allen and Cam Marshall. Xander just started his run but you’ve only got tonight and tomorrow to see Cam.

Hendrick’s Presents: The Seduction of Sanity

From their site:

You are invited into a gallery of experiences, where you will encounter interactive ‘touch and feel’ boxes and peep walls made up of surreal images, which may shock, amuse and intrigue.  Through a series of unusual spaces, you will be able to explore themes of voyeurism and surrealism in a way that has never been seen before.”

It’s on from 3-9 tonight, is free but you’ll need to RSVP beforehand if you’re quick here.


Cosplay! Xena, Warrior Princess! Various other people from the telly! Stuff to buy! It all over this weekend. I’ve been reliably informed that at this stage you’re better off getting tickets at the door rather than online and having to queue for ages anyway, and if you’re lucky you’ll spot me and my boy costuming it up all over the place. Details here.

VIVA Youth Festival

From their site:

VIVA Youth Festival rocks Prahran’s Princes Gardens with a full day of live music, basketball, activities, food, fun, and the VIVA Prahran Skate Comp. At the Soundslike Productions live music stage, we have a mass of DJs, hip hop beats and tunes featuring Mose and the FMLY, The Psyde Projects and 2013 Push Start Battle winners, Barcelos. KING OF THE COURT 3 on 3 basketball competition will be running from 11-4pm, with a $500 cash prize up for grabs.

It’s on from 11-6pm tomorrow at the Princes Gardens, Prahran. Details here.

Media Lab Open Day

From their site:

“OpenLABs explore the wonderful world of creative electronics and programming. It is a space where artists, musicians, engineers, performers, and designers can come together and share their work and creative passions. Each Open LAB will begin with talks from fellow artists that seek to share their work with the group, and then end in a free-form open discussion and hands on tinkering space where guests can present a finished, or unfinished, work, seek collaborations, seek peer review, or make a call out to the community to help troubleshoot a problem they are having. So bring whatever current project you may be working on, or simply show up and share/teach/learn a new world of electronic art!”

It’s on this Sunday from 2-5pm, details here.

Escape Room - Melbourne

It’s booked out for the next 2 weeks but you might as well get in while you can. Basically you are “locked” inside a room and have to find the clues and tools necessary to escape. You have one hour to solve the puzzle and you have to go in pairs. More info here.

Musical Comedy – What to see in Melbourne

Going to slightly pre-empt this week’s What’s On post by talking about all the musical comedy shows on as a part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. To see anything else that’s on this week, you can totally read the regularly updated events calendar that I share with the Plus Ones.

Instead I wanted to write about a few musical comedy acts I’ve been to, and have been recommended to me. Musical comedy just feels so much tougher than traditional standup, since a lyrical stumble is so much more difficult to cover up than a conversation up on stage. Here’s 4 shows I’ve seen so far, and a few that got recommended to me via my happy place, twitter.

The first two are copied from this post

The Pineapple – Genevieve Fricker

After seeing her show I tweeted that her show was weird and depressing (in a good way) and she replied that that was one of the best compliments she’s ever received. She manages to turn what she calls being a functional depressive into a dark, yet musical comedy show. As someone who regularly suffers anxiety attacks I can only applaud her use of otherwise pointless emotional baggage and turning it into something positive. Tickets and sessions available here.

Noise Adventure – Kate Dehnert

I almost suffered emotional whiplash going from The Pineapple to Noise Adventure’s frantic musical stylings. With electro-pop songs pulsing about otherwise every-day experiences, it’s a pretty amazing show. I finally caught the whole show this Friday instead of individual song and it was everything I hoped it would be. Thank god she slows down in the middle with some slightly more standard stand-up though otherwise she may well have melted. You can check out my chat with Kate before the festival here, and you can get tickets to her show here

Andrew Finegan sings Songs from the end of the world

A cabaret show with a variety of styles covering armageddon in all of its shapes and forms. This includes a rap about Noah and, the keys to my heart, a song about the dinsaur’s exctinction. He stumbled a few times on the lyrics, but each one had a quick recovery and was swept along. It also helps that every audience member at the show got a free zine on comedy etiquette. Remember, sitting in the front row is the best way to go. Tickets and times available here.

Ben McKenzie is Uncool

Ben McKenzie is the coolest uncool person I have the pleasure of following on twitter. His act is technically not a musical one, however he sang twice and one of them was about dinosaurs so I’m letting it slide. If you’ve ever been ashamed because of an aspect of pop culture you love, stayed up late marathonning of Firefly because you had a bad day at work, or would do anything Kevin Conroy tells you to do if he says it in “that” voice, you’ll love Ben’s show. Tickets available here.

Twitter Recommendations

After seeing these shows I put out the call on twitter for other musical comedy acts and got inundated. I’m hoping to see these during the festival but just in case, here they are for you all:

Gillian Cosgriff This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Geraldine Quinn MDMA: Modern Day Maiden Aunt

Rama Nicholas After Ever After

Al & Anna’s Music Rant

Alice Fraser Everyone’s A Winner

Wolf Creek The Musical

EastEnd Cabaret Dirty Talk

Impromptunes The Completely Improvised Musical

Chat with Amanda Knights – Exploding Heads Impro

Camera Roll-845

Please introduce yourself and your show

Hello, I’m Amanda knight and I’m part of a company called Exploding Heads Impro. We’re doing a show during the comedy festival called “3, 2, 1 Impro off the wall!” where we will get suggestions from the audience by asking for something that they’ve always wanted to write on a bathroom wall, or something that they’ve seen written on a bathroom wall. We’ll then be performing short scenes based on these suggestions. We’re deciding between keeping it simple with just the audience suggestions or do we include a projector with street art scenes. I know that if we include technology it does add another layer of difficulty, so we’ll see what happens what happens with our tech demo.

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#MICF 4 shows worth seeing

Here we go, new week, new bunch of shows that I’ve seen recently that I thought I’d like to share. Incidentally, the only reason I’ve been able to see so many shows without going broke is through volunteering with the awesome Angela Claire and the venues she runs. There’s still a few volunteer spots open to usher/ sell tickets at her venues, and you get free entry to a huge amount of local shows as a reward. You can contact her via twitter here.

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Interview with Kate Dehnert – Electro-comedy styles

Please introduce yourself, your comedy style and your show.

Right, I'm Kate Dehnert and my comedy style is electro-comedian, at least that's what I'm doing with at the moment, it's very weird, absurd, with a little bit of whimsy but rooted in relatable things like office jobs and things like that. Subversive! I should go with subversive. My show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival is called Noise Adventure, it's on at the Duke of Wellington between the 26 March and 7th April.

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