Succulent – Lilydale cafe and emporium

Succulent is a cute little cafe/ home emporium located at 207 Main Street, Lilydale. Daisy and I discovered it on our way out to Yarra Valley, and it turned out to be a cute little stop off for our day trip.

The coffee was very good, and the Nerdling loved his chocolate milkshake. He also had a rocky road muffin that went down very well.

The main charm of the cafe though were the homemade toys and household knickknacks on display around the cafe. You can see the “raining cats and dogs” umbrella in the top photo, but there were also handmade teddies and other toys as well.

If you are on your way to the Yarra Valley, and you really should, then I highly recommend stopping by here for a coffee fix.

Succulent Cafe on Urbanspoon

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