T-Roy Browns – Melbourne Cafe

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T-Roy Browns is possibly the smallest cafe in the CBD, located at Vault 1 Banana Alley on Flinders St. Yes, that is right next to where all those gyms are.

There is seating available, with most of it located outside. It’s a really good spot to relax on a sunny day, so with Summer on the way I’ll be spending a few lunchtimes there.

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The coffee is excellent, but be warned that it is all double-shots. You can even skip the coffee queue by texting in to 0421 489 588 five minutes before you arrive, pay and walk out with your coffee. If you’re a regular you can add your name to The Wall and every 10th coffee is free.

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There’s no kitchen, but there are some food options. Troy, the owner, makes jaffles on-site, and depending on the season there are soups, macaroons and other foodstuffs on offer.

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4 Responses to T-Roy Browns – Melbourne Cafe

  1. metan says:

    There is never a time I don’t hear/read/see Banana Alley Vaults and that combination of words not put a smile on my face. :D

  2. I love the banana lounges out the front.

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