Massive Wieners – Hot Doggery

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Massive Wieners is a hot dog eatery located at 113 Greville Street, Prahran. They’re a fun little spot to get your wiener on, and offer a nice variety of options to try out.

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First option is how much wiener you can handle, with their sizes being a 3 inch “Little Pecker”, the 6 inch “Average Joe” and the 12 inch “Massive Wiener”. Slightly intimidated by the brown 12 inch wiener, I opted for the average joe and mumbled something about the motion of the ocean.

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Next you chose what you’re going to cover your wiener with (and it’s always important to cover your wiener). You can go for the Classic, Kraut, Pickle, Vegetarian (a meatless wiener sounds like an oxymoron) and Chilli Cheese. I wanted to add some spice to my wiener so went with the chilli cheese, which also included onion, beans and diced tomato.

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You can’t beat $5 for a stacked wiener like that, and while the wiener itself isn’t gourmet the toppings make up for it. They were the perfect walking entree as we wandered around Prahran looking for a spot to have our main.

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If you have the balls, you can attempt to take on a 25 inch wiener within 5 minutes, with successful challengers going on the Wall of Fame, while losers go to the Wall of Shame. It’s worth noting that both members of the Massive Wiener team are on the Wall of Shame at this stage. Since I was there the 25 inch challenge was smashed with someone completing in under 3 minutes. I imagine a fair few are suffering wiener envy as a result.

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One small PSA as well, their mascot was stolen earlier this year and they are still looking for clues as to its kidnapper. It was a leopard statue with one missing ear and a bow tie, and the Massive Wiener crew are offering a years supply of wieners for his safe return. If you can help them out I’m sure they’re appreciate it.

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You can find their website here.

Massive Wieners on Urbanspoon

4 responses to “Massive Wieners – Hot Doggery

  1. Great write up. Full of all the goodness that a weiner innuendo piece should have. Love the pics too – nice one Dan! LMM

  2. I’ve been dying for a decent hot dog since I moved to Australia. I’ll have to check this place out soon! But I like mine with no toppings. If you put on toppings, it covers up the flavour of the hot dog and you have no idea if it’s quality or not.

  3. Final note, the mascot has been retrieved and the reward claimed! Hooray!

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