Monsieur Truffe – Mmmmm chocolate

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Monsieur Truffe is a chocolate and cafe store located at 90 Smith St Collingwood. It’s a cute little store that had me floating in from the smell of chocolate alone.

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It’s a comfortable little place, with lots of space for people to sprawl about while they drink their Virgin Mudslides.

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I might be the only one, but presentation rates a great deal with me when buying a hot chocolate otherwise the part of my brain that only buys movies on Tuesdays starts comparing what I just bought to a tin of Nesquick. Fortunately they passed this test with flying colours, although the wooden spoon was a bit unusual.

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There is a definite lean to the dark side of chocolate, but the 65% cocoa hot chocolate I’d ordered was just right. The 4 year old Nerdling seemed pretty pleased with his ice chocolate, but that might have just been due to the enormous scoops of ice-cream floating about.

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As well as the standard brownies and chocolates, the store also stocks chocolate bars, cooking chocolates and various other bitter-sweets. Oh and twenty internet points to the first person who guesses which TV show virgin mudslides is from (they’re just milkshakes, Shirley).

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4 Responses to Monsieur Truffe – Mmmmm chocolate

  1. Anna Pedazzla says:

    Could you please send me URL to the brownie? I would like to 3-D print one off right now.

  2. indjagar says:

    Looks great, need to go try it out (and overdose on sugar).

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